For interest and curiosity.

I will be apart of Troupe Mabuse in Operation Infinity’s next presentation. Info

Some text

An extract from “The paradoxical waiting room puzzle book” by Peter.

Presentation or interest.

YouTube Doubler <<< Best Veiw

A time spent with method,practice,reformation,formation and a hell of a lot more.

Thank you Lito Walkey and all at the Practice Symposium

Here is have formed the experience into a practice of description and affirmation please look and comment the practice will only continue if we allow each other to use it. Click

Three Weeks into School.

Here is a short text about some of my feelings at the moment after a two weeks spent investigating hospitality with Sandra Noeth and Paz Rojo.

Thread: Choreographing Democracy

I will be collaboratively thinking with Benjamin Pohlig and Michiel Vandevelde. We have our Mission Statement live online please read. Soon texts and discussions will be published. Exciting stuff i hope you can have a read.

Classes with me in Stockholm November.

Ballet,Jazz,Creative practice,dance coaching Please see pdf

Next two years.

So the next two years i will be at DOCH on their MA in choreography course.

Time to think time to explore time to change time to contiue time for more.

I am looking for financial support with my work if anyone is interested or knows of any thing i should look into. It would be great to work and or share my journey with people so this is a plea for help.

Friendship is based upon debt i hope i can form some friendships though debt.

Callout from DOCH

New round of audition in the beginning of October. The deadline is September 5th. More.

No choice, don’t watch this.

No choice, don’t watch this. Will be at Zeitraumexit in Mannheim, Germany as apart of Frisch Eingetroffen a platform for young artists.


So many interesting things has come out of the time spent with everyone at Frisch Eingetroffen some of the key ideas to come from the week was two aspects of the piece;

  • Instruction.
  • Performed exploitation.

These are two aspects of no choice… which i would like now to separate and expand and explore individually.

  • For the instruction i would like them to find a life of their own to go further and push more.
  • The performed exploitation is a great mechanism but would benefit from simplicity and further exploration into the practical practise.


This site is for people to see my work as a choreographer, and leader of workshops. If you or any parties are interested in working with me on a project, performance , workshop or exhibition. Please contact me on thepersoncalledpeter@gmail.com.

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