Photography: litó walkey
Photography: litó walkey
Photography: litó walkey

Some exciting times the last few weeks. Presented, was what has come to be called “20 minutes” the result of half a years artistic research (yes, I am buying into the academic terminology, I’m on a MA and I really feel it needs to be carefully handled not to fall into some evil academic trap, at this very important time whilst in Sweden especially DOCH is forming notion on artist research).

Half a years work and you have room full of work, back holes, problems, rubbish, death, loss and peter, peter clawing around in a unitard. I promise this is not a good description of “20 minutes” “20 minutes” itself is hardly a good description of 20 minutes.

So from scores with Frederic Gies to waves of motion which crash, smash and disrupt the ices bergs and ice sculptures with Rolf Hughes to sounds with Carl Michael von Hausswolff to codes objects losing identities in tornadoes with Norberto Llopis to shifting everything including everything including nothing with Lito Walkey and to reforming horse-jumping and criticising with Myriam van Imschoot.

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Now PETER would like to have “20 minutes” as a invitation. Bring it on basement 30th of May at forum Stockholm, lets make this cosmos collaborative.

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