Chair (1974) ~ Video

I’m here watching Chair in Kungsholmen Library 26th of October 2014 at 12.00 after a morning of cleaning because of … More

suck it up-art ~ video

Real for real an ar art arcarchist arc athartic athe athletic asthetic esthetic. Rooms are made for tookacan carna feeling … More


Enorm ~~ The cavernous echo on  the walls of the valleys and mountain ranges ######### ee-nawrm.Expansion~~ Cells interact with the … More

Ingenue ~ Video

The body is a stage informed by movement. Lets define movement:- move·ment  (mvmnt)n.1. a. The act or an instance of … More

Chandeller ~ Video

Child in mind, we are divine. What I like is the majestic realism, canned with absurd constructed bullshit mixed and … More

weightless ~ Video

It hurts, as mind trys to organise the world again and again, as twinkling lulling music, pretty design and talented … More