Click the link above for a text i have been working on this month as a part of Rolf Hughes workshop.

A sea of things.

The sea is calm. Its the same which ever way one looks. A 360° horizon, a line which continues for infinity. And as one looks everything becomes like the line. Everything on a big enough scale is the same, 2D and flat like the line continuing for ever in every direction.

Waves of meaning can form on, within and out of the line depending where you look and how strong your gaze is. The waves shift and move always changing size and shape and are never in the same place twice.

Over time ice scruples are made from waves, fixing a shape or a meaning. The ice is effected by the waves, melting continuously. So it must be maintain at all times, confirmed, reconstructed and justified.

After a time the ice sculptures become monstrous merging with over ices sculptures having many men maintaining and shaping them until the become an entirety of their own huge icebergs in the sea. The waves clash against its sides unable to freely move as they once did before. The ices bergs become to big for anything to be created from them.

All that can be done is to avoid them, stop contributing to them, stop using them, to leave the ice bergs alone, let them melt and break up by the crashing waves. The many waves we can make. Without purpose and fixing, the fluid and ever changing waves of motion which crash, smash and disrupt the ices bergs and ice sculptures. So that we are free again, so that the waves are able to explore and adventure across the giant endless sea.

Soon to come The lies itifesto and its It lies around sound istulation.
also WIP4, a work in progress performance at DOCH May the 2nd, a short look into placement of things in time using the newly invernted time machine or petering out machine as worked on in Carl Michael von Hausswolff workshop.

Thank you all.