Facilitation for life

Identities, territories cause exploitation and exclusion. Without the means to work to deconstruct them to talk and work on them, there is no hope in having the ability to live to explore and adventure into a place where we can work together at working on working together, living.

If acceptance, tolerance and unspoken agreements are not allowed to be held up to the light to see for faults that have manifested and been constructed we can not hope to work on fixing them.

The agreement that life is fluid dynamic and not predictable or conditionable is an accepted idea but it is not in practice. We are living by acceptance, tolerance, identities, territories, structures, frames. Frames which frame, our vision, our ability to achieve, our ability to question, our ability to work on, our ability to live.

But my proposal is not for a change of lifestyle its not for uprooting habits and personal comforts, it is for an acknowledgment that we need to want to work on working on working together to facilitate living. We often jump to the living and skip the elementary levels which causes and facitorates things unwanted to happen. It is often goal oriented or product based economically motivated. Ideas that work and must be protected, the accepted, the tolerated. So i propose that we work on, rather than accept as life is fluid and not measurable.

What does it really mean to work on, i believe to facilitate us to be “working on…” is to agree that we will work on doing this. Using tools which will inturn be worked on to better facilitate us being able to work on living, living together. For example the fact we are in agreement to work against predigest means that we are also in agreement to talk about racism when it is felt, it also means we work on facilitating of talking, perhaps using methods, gestures, mediators. Rather than justifying systems, methods, frames which are taken for granted and are not in agreement as something which is being worked on.

What I think this allows for is the freedom to make mistakes and to realise them as mistakes. To work on our own moral plumbline to be able to understand our actions our feeling our position to work on our own morals.

This is my proposal to agree to work on facilitating ourselves to work on living with each other by working on facilitation tools.