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Den Kosmiska Havsträdgårdspassagen


PETER is a choreographer, a dance maker, a dance dance dance… maker, a dance, a dancer, a person, a bodies, a community, an activist, an anarchist, an artist, art, a child, a cleaner, a candidate, a biography, a list, a ex-, a non-ex-, a title, a name, a document, a history, a challenge, an author, a moment, a smart ass, an annoyance, a liar, not peter, alive, another, a promise, practice, problem, performance, place, position, parameter, predictable, pest, pretense, plan, pipe, pop, pfff…

PETER PETER PETER, Peter Mills (SE) 23.02.87 better known as PETER (Stateless) defines art as that which facilitates a space, a gap within the system, within social norms, which produces a dubitability of the state of things and allows a collective of persons to silently agree, not presume, assume or count on, but expect difference. PETER creates spaces which expand the creative process from initiation to documentation, by use of fundamental methods investigating the emergence of choice, perception and action, to refine the creative process by facilitating individual definitions, which are attuned to a subjective interpretation of a situation, providing direct democracy, action and agency.


Abridged CV/Peter Mills

Residency: Sweden

-Philosophy in the context of Art (15 credits) at the Royal Institute of Art (Kungl. Konsthögskolan) 2016.
-Choreographic practices in performing arts for babies and children, Dans och Cirkus Högskolan, 7,5 credits
-Dans och Cirkus Högskolan (DOCH), MFA/choreography, 2014
-Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, BA/dance, 2009
-Margaret Howard Theatre College, Diploma/musical theatre, 2006

Dear Stockholm, (Street performance Stockholm) 2021.
Den Kosmiska Havsträdgårdspassagen, (2-18 months) Umeå, Lycksele, Haparanda, Jokkmokk, Sundsvall, Gävle, Arvika, Örebro, Askersund, Södertälje, Uddevalla, Skärhamm, Vara, Lidköping, Göteborg, Varberg, Falkenberg, Karlshamn, Olofström 2020 Salto Hässelholm, Upplandsbro komun, 2018 scenkonst17 Stockholm, Dansstationen Malmö, Hässelholm, Åstorp, Trelleborg, Lund, Tomelilla, Bromölla, Wånas, Vittsjö, Örkelljunga 2017, Valfisken, Simrishamn 2016
PETER, undead Living Documents Brut (AT) 2020, Dansehallerne/Warehouse 9 Copenhagen, MDT and Moderna 2019
PETER, the plague NorbergFestival 2018
PETER, raum Xing(IT) 2017
PETER, 1987-2017 MDT Stockholm(SE) 2017
PETER, in labour for consideration, Nikki Kane, Body at work, Rebecca Hilton Encounter, Stockholm Uniarts, ABFHUSET Stockholm, Rebecca Hilton Encounter, Stockholm Uniarts(SE) 2017.
PETER, (6mins) Kafe44, That fucking Anarchist variety show, 2017, Display:festival 2015, Kungliga Opearn Stockholm,(SE) 2015
PETER, Fuck you!, I won’t do what you tell me, Kunst Vardo, RAM Galleri, Oslo(NO) 2016
PETER,(20mins) Bodies of Evidence, Stockholm, Uniarts(SE) 2016
LYN, A performance for the dead of night, Stockholm(SE) 2016
RACHEL, A performance for the dead of night, Portland(US) 2015
GABRIELLA, A performance for the dead of night, Stockholm(SE) 2015
The great beyond project, WELD (SE), Autumn 2015
PETER,(Bearly there) Sunday Run-up, ccap(SE) 2015
PETER, (Reflective Nebular) MARC (SE), residencial performance, October 2014/January 2015
PETER, (48 hours) MDT Stockholm, April 2014
Reformulation Handbook, Dansens Hus, Dans<3 (SE), December 2013
20 minutes, Basement (SE), May 2013
No Choice, Don’t Watch This, Frisch Eingetroffen (DE), Play With Me, Monks Gallery, A Working Title Festival, Circuit Festival, Creative Lab/Dance House Glasgow (UK), 2011/2012
Campaign for Comfort, Tramway (UK), Stereo Glasgow/Garterstitch (UK), 2011

Curatorial project:
Bodies of Evidence, Stockholm, Uniarts  Stockholm, 2016
Emma and Peter’s discussion game and café, ÖFA, BAS Bandhagen  Stockholm, , 2013

Writing and podcasts:
SKH Dance Podcast, Eleanor Bauer,
Edition #1 How Dance Thinks, episode 5 2020
Mentorship tool box for artist,
 with SITE and MARC 2019
AEiD Researching (in/as) motion
no questions only answers 2019

Fresh Air Mag.
A choreography for ethical calmness blog 2013-2017
I won’t do what you tell me!, PETER PETER, 2017 Order
Koreografisk Journal. Tema #4: Dokumentation, Anarcha-choreography (2016) Download
♻The reformulation handbook 2013. Download

Research and other experiences:
Chrysa Parkinson and Frank Bock, Research project Where are You Now, Stockholm, uniarts(SE) 2019-2021
NORDplus, with Martin Sonderkamp, Hara Alonso and Ulrika Berg, 2020-2021
Interim Kultur AB association board 2015-2021
Transmitting/ Documenting/ Narrating, led by Nathalie S. Fari & Nick Aikens, presentation of Living Documents, Gothenburg (SE) 2020
Alliances and Commonalities
, workshop “Doubt-in art?” an ethical practice: Rewrite my fire 2020
Mentoring think tank,
SITE and MARC 2018-2019
ADiE phd practice week led by Rebecca Hilton 2018
The Blob, Body Double, MDT  Stockholm, 2016, 2017
Cecilia Roos and Jan Burkhardt, Research project, To let things unfold by catching the center, Stockholm, Uniarts  Stockholm, 2016, 2017
Frédéric Gies Research project Bad Girls’ practice, DOCH 2016. Stockholm, uniarts(SE), 2014

Performance Experience:
Kurumi Nakamura (JP),
– ケ・カリーノ(Che carino) 2021
Eleanor Bauer (US),
– A lot of moving parts VII, Dansenhus Stockholm 2020
Pontus Petterson (SE),
– The egg, the cat and the poem – were surface tears, 2019
– The wind escorts the sky, Weld Stockholm, 2017
– @sit_catris Instagram 2016
– The Poeticians, Weld Stockholm, 2015
– Cat practice, Stockholm
Rachel Tess (SE),
– Any number of sunsets: MDT, Dansenhus Stockholm 2019, Skillinge teater 2018
Robin Dingemans
– PETER, den relativt lilla, svenska trädet: Stockholm, 2017
– The Assimilation Project: Weld  Stockholm, 2015-2016
Dalija Acin Thelander (SE)
– Senscapes: Skånes Dansteater, SWOP Festival (DK) 2016, Panorama festival (BR), Spira Jönköping (SE), Weld/Moderna  Stockholm, 2015
, internet cat video festival  Stockholm, 2014
Simon Vincenzi (UK)
– Luxuriant: Within the Reign of Anticipation, touring (PL) (IT) 2010, 2013
– Naked Singularity as Part of Operation Infinity, Barbican (UK), 2011
Michael Keegan Dolan (IRL)
– Fabulous Beast, The Rite of Spring, English National Opera at the London Coliseum, 2009

SKH f.k.a DOCH, Stockholm (SE)
– Course leader for Artistic Leadership in Dance and Choreography, 7,5 credits, 2nd year BA program in dance pedagogy 2019-2022
– Course leader for Dance and Choreography, 7,5 credits 1st year BA program in dance pedagog 2019-2022
choreographic supervision for solo works of the Kandidatprogram i Danspedagogik, 2014-2021
– Examiner students of the MA in choreography 2020
Artistic workshop, 2015-2021
– Improvisation workshop, 2017-2021

– Mentor for four students of the MA in choreography 2017, 2018,2021 and new performative practices 2015
– Choreographic supervision for group choreographies of the Kandidatprogram i Danspedagogik, 2014-2021
– Coaching for  freestanding course Variation 2018
– Workshop for freestanding course Spacing and placing 2019
Danscentrum Stockholm Daily training. Notes 2021
ADiE phd practice week invited by Rebecca Hilton, Juliette Mapp and Anna Koch 2018
Balettakademin, Stockholm, Artistic workshop, dance analyse 2015, 2016
Stockholm, creative workshop, and danscamp. 2012