An extract from “The paradoxical waiting room puzzle book” by Peter.

Peter Mills

Take something and either; 11th dimension it, 42 it,
Abbreviate it, Abstract it, Abuse it, Acknowledge it, Act
upon it, Activate it, Add it, ADHD it, Adopt it, Adventure it,
Advertise it, Advocate it, Aerobics it, Affirm it, AI it, Air
guitar it, Alienate it, Alphabetise it, Alternative it,
Americanise it, Anarcho-it, Answer a it with question,
Anthropologise it, Anti-it, Archive it, Argue it, Ascend it,
Atlas it, Atomise it, Attach it, Attack it, Audition it,
Authorize it, Autopsy it, Axe it, B movie it, Ballet barre it,
Ballet it, Ban it, Bar it, Baroque it, BBC documentary it, Be
it, Beat box it, Beat it, Believe it, Belittle it, Bias it, big bang
it, Big it up, Bin it, Binaryise it, Blame it, Blank it, Bleed it,
Blend it, Bloom it, Blow it up, Blow it, Blue it, Board Game
it, Body acknowledge it, Body art it, Boil it, Bollywood it,
Bomb it, Book it, Bore it, Bottle it up, Brand it, Break it,
Breath it, Brief it, Bring it back it, Bring it, Bullshit it, Bum
it, Bureaucratise it, Burn it, Bury it, Butter it, Buy it,
Cabaret it, Calculate it, Call it, Calm it, Campaign it,
Cannibalise it, Capitalize it, Car bomb it, Carry it, Cartoon
it, Carve it, Catalogue it, Catalyse it, Censor it, Chain mail
it, Chair dance it, Chalk for peace it, Chalk it, Chance it,
Chance procedure it, Change it, Chant it, Characterise it,
Charge it, Check it, Child it, Classic it, Classify it, Clay
model it, Clean it, Cleanse it, Click it, Clone it, Close eyes
with it, Close it, Clothe it, Code it, Collect for it,
Collectively imagine it, Colonise it, Colour it, Comfort it,
Comment on it, Commit to it, Communise it, Complicate it,
Compose it, Conceptualise it, Concert it, Conform to it,
Conspiracise it, Construct it, Contact it, Contain it,
Contextualise it, Contract it, Contradict it, Control it,
Convert it, Convulse it, Cook it, Cool it,Count it, Crack it,
Cradle it, Crayon it, Cream it, Crease it, Create a waiting
room for it, Credit it, Cross it, Crown it, Crumble it, Crump
it, Cubis it, Cue for it, Cult it, Curve it, Cut it, Cyborg it,
Dada it, Dance it, Debate it, Decay it, De-construct it,
Define it, De-fragment it, Depend on it, Describe it, Design
it, Diary it, Die for it, Dig it, Digest it, Digitalized it, Dilute
it, Direct it, Directive it, Discomfort it, Discover it,
Disinterest it, Dissect it, Distract yourself from it, Disturb it,
Divorce it, Do a diagram of it, Do it but don’t look at it, Do
it but don’t, Do it collectively, Do it from the diagonal, Do it
tomorrow, Dogmatise it, Don’t define it, Dot to dot, Drag it
out, Drag and drop it, Drag king it, Drag queen it, Drink it,
Drop it/ give up/ resign/ quit/ run away/ escape/ vomit,
Dumb and dumber it, Dystopian it, E = MC2 it, Eat it,
Economise it, Educate it, Electrify it, Elementarise it, Email
it, Embody it, Empathise with it, Enact it, Engineer it,
Enlarge it, Enrol it, Enslave it, Erase it, Erect it, Evolve it,
Examine it, Execute it, Exercise it, Exhibit it, Exile it,
Exorcise it, Expedition it, Experiment it, Expire it, Explode
it, Explore it, Export it, Expose it, Express it, Exterminate it,
Eye it, Fable it, Factualise it, Fade it, Fake it, Fall for it,
Fame it, Family album it, Family constellation it, Fantasise
it, Fascinate it, Fax it, Feed it, Feel it, Fictionalise it, Fill it,
Film it, Filter it, Find a quote for it, Find it, Find stuff for it,
Finish it, Fish for it, Fix it, Flanging it, Flat-pack it, Flip it,
Float it, Floor it, Flyer it, Fold it, Folk dance it, Food bomb
it, For tell it, Forensic it, Forget it, Form questions from it,
Format it, Formulate and reformulate it, Fortune tell it,
Fragrance it, Frame it, Freeze it, Freud it, Functionalise it,
Future it, Gaga it, Galvanise it, Game it, Garage band it,
Generalise it, Generate it, Ghost it, Ghostbust it, Gimp it,
GMO it, Go for it, Google it, Google translate it, Gorilla
warfare it, Graffiti it, Graham number it, Green wash it,
Grind it, Grow it, Guess who it, Guide it, Guided tour it,
Hack it, Hang it, Haunt it, Have faith in it, Have tea with it,
Hear it, Hex it, Hibernate it, Hide it, Hip it hop it, Hippie it,
History it, Hit it, Hmm it, Home wreck it, Horoscope it,
Host it, Hover it, Hum it, Hyperlink it, i it, Ice it, Ignore it,
Ikea it, Illustrate it, Imagine it, Imprison it, improvise it,
Induce in it, Industrialise it, Infect it, Infinitise it, Ing it,
Install it, Instructionalise it, Instrumentalise it, Interview it,
Invade it, Invite it, Isolate it, Jazz it, Jekyll and Hyde it, Joke
it, Jump it, Jump on it, Just do it, Kaleidoscope it, Keep eye
contact with it, Keep it, Kid it, Knit it, Knot it, Kraftwerk it,
Laban notate it, Label it, Landscape it, Laugh at it, Launch
it, Laser gun it, Layer it, Leap it, Learn it, Leave it out,
Lecture it, Leech it, Legalise it, Legitimise it, Legitimize it,
Lend it, Lengthen it, Lessen it, Let it all out, Let it be brief,
Liberalise it, Liberate it, Lick it, Lift it, Light it, Limerick it,
Link it, Lip sync it, Liquefy it, List it, Listen around it,
Listen to it, Live it, Load it, Lobby it, Locate it, Lock it,
Logarithm it, Look through it, Loss it, Lost property it, Love
it, Magic it, Magnify it, Mail it, Make a mobile of it, Make it
childish, Make it political, Make it, Manifesto it, Mantra it,
Map it, Mark it, Marry it, Martyr it, Mathematicalise it,
Measure it, Mechanise it, Mediate it, Meditate with it, Meet
it, Mercuryise it, Milk it, Millennium falcon it, Mime it,
Mind map it, Mind read it, Mini model it, Mirror it, Miss
spell it, Mistake it, Mix it, Mobilise it, Mock it, Model it,
Modernise it, Monster it, Moonwalk it, Moralise it, Mother
it, Motivate it, Mount it, Mourn it, Move it, Movie film it,
MTV it, Multiple google translate it, Multiply it, Mundane
it, Murder it, Musical it, Mutate it, Mute it, Mystify it, Name
it, Nano it, Nationalize it, Naturalise it, Neon it, Newspaper
it, Nigel Charnock, Noise make it, Novel it, Object it, OBS!
it, Observe it, Occult it, Occupy it, Open it, Opera it,
Opposite it, Opt out of it, Orbit it, Order it, Organic it,
Orientate it, Overload it, Paint it, Parody it, Pass it on, Pass
it, Paste it, Pattern it, Pause it, Pay it, Perform it live,
Perform it, Personal ad it, Peter it out, Peter Pan it,
Philosophise it, Photocopy it, Photograph it, Photoshop it,
Psychoanalyse it, Pickle it, Pina it, Pink wash it, Pippi
Långstrump it, Pirate it, Place it, Plan it, Plank it, Plant it,
Play it, Playground it, Play music for it, Plug it, Poem it,
Point it, Police it, Poo it, Pop it, Popularize it, Porridge it,
Position it, Post it, Post-modernise it, Postcard it, Poster it,
Pray for it, Predict it, Prequel it, Press it, Primitivise it, Print
it, Privatise it, Problematise it, Promote it, Propertise it,
Protect it, Protest it, Protest song it, Pull it, Punish it, Punk
it, Purify it, Push it, Push pull it, Put it in p andora’s box,
Quantum it, Quest it, Quote it, Race it, Radiate it, Radio
program it, Rainbow wash it, Rain dance it, Randomly
choose from it, Rate it, Rave it, Re-enact it, Reach a
consensus with it, React off it, Read around it, Read it aloud,
Read to it aloud, Ready made it, Reaffirm it, Realise it,
Realism it, Reality TV it, Reassure it, Rebel from it,
Reconstruct it, Record it, Recycle it, Redeconstruct it,
Reference it, Refine it, Reform it, Rehearse it, Reject it,
Relax it, Release it, Relive it, Remember it, Remove it,
Rename it, Repeat it, Repeat it, Replicate it, Reposition it,
Represent it, Rerecord it, Re-score it, Research around it,
Reserve it, Resign it, Resist it, Respell it, Responsibilitise it,
Retard it, Retro it, Reuse it, Reverse it, Revolt with it,
Rewrite it, Rip it, Road trip it, Rob it, Robin Hood it, Role
play it, Roll it, Romance it, Round it, Royalist it, Rub it,
Rubik’s cube it, Rule it, Run away with it, Rhythm it, Sail it,
Salt it, Salute it, Save it, Say it, Scale it, Scam it, Scan it,
School it, Score it, Scrap book it, Scratch it, Scream it,
Screw it, Screw with it, Script it, Scroll it, Sculpture it, Self
if, Self unfinished it, Sell it, Send it, Sense it, Sequel it,
Sequence it, Severe it, Sew it, Shake it, Shape it, Share it,
Shave it, Shelter it, Shirtology it, Shop it, Shoplift it, Shout
it, Shorten it, Shower it, Shrink it, Si-Fi it, Sign it, Silence it,
Simon says it, Simplify it, Sing it, Sift it, Size it up, Sketch
it, Skin it, Skip it, Slaughter it, Sleep on it, Silence it, Smash
it, Snake it, Snap it, Snuggle it, Socialise it, Solidarity it,
Solidify it, Solve it, Sonic it, Source it, Soul it, Soup it,
Spam it, Spaz it, Special it, Speech it, Spell it, Spice it,
Spoof it, Sporn it, Spot it, Spot the difference in it, Spread it,
Square it, Stare at it, Start it up, Start it, Static it, Steal it,
Steam it, Step it, Sticker it, Sting it, Stop it, Stop motion it,
Story it, Strand it, String it, Structure it, Stupid it, Subjectify
it, Submerse in it, Subtract it, Super it, Surf it, Swamp it,
Swan lake it, Swedish dance history it, Sweet it, Switch it,
Symbolize it, Synthesize it, T.A.R.D.I.S. it, Tag it, Take it
for a walk, Take it on holiday, Take it somewhere, Talk on it,
Talk to it, Tap it, Tape it, Teach it, Technique it, Teleport it,
Tempt it, Texturalise it, Theatricalize it, Therapy it, Theorise
it, Thesis it, Think it through, Think it, Throw it away,
Tickle it, Tilt it, Time it, Time-lapse it, Timetravel it, Title it,
Too-ticki it, Torture it, Total it, Touch it, Tour it, Trace it,
Trail it, Transmit it, Train spot it, Transform it, Translate it,
Trap it, Trash it, Travel it, Tread it, Trial it, Trio it, Try it,
Tune it, Turn it, Tweet it, Ultra it, Ultrasonic it, Unearth it,
Unlock it, Unpattern it, Update it, Upgrade it, Upstage it,
Urbanise it, Us it, Use it, USSR it, Utopian it, Vary it,
Veganise it, View it, Verb it, Verbalise it, Vibrate it, Video
game it, View it, Vintage it, Violate it, Visualise it, Vomit it,
Wait for it, Wake it, Walk around it, Walk with it, Wander
with it, Watch films about it, Watch it, Water it down, Water
it, wave it, Weather rapport it, Weave it, Weep for it,
Whisper it, Who it, Why it, Wiki it, Wonder about it, work
it, World record it, Write it on the toilet door, Wrong it, x it,
You are it, Youtube it, zip – unzip it, Zlatan it or Zoom it.