Hello alla,
So here we are the final run up to the end of PETER. That’s PETER by PETER or EPIC,the last dance movement, PETER, or just the project i or should i say PETER has been working on for the past year and a half. Investigating multiple modes and forms of choreographing onto persons treating rehearsal like performance and performance like rehearsal audience like performance and performer like choreographer etc. It has been an intense yet exciting project which will come to a head with my final presentation of my MA and DOCH at MDT.
We start with a lighting show tomorrow Monday from 18.00 – not public but your more than welcome
Wednesday 16th APR 17.30-18.30

A INFORMAL CONCERT WITH PETER ELIZE ARVEFJORD*– ​ You are very welcome to join us​

SELF-HELP SUPPORT GROUP – ​ inspire by Dickie beau​
​, ​
​hope you can join​
Thursday 17th APR 17.00-22.00

Emma and PETER’s discussion game and cafe at MDT – Returning from earlier in the year at ÖFA’s place, ​All are welcome​

PETER A RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL​- a PETERIST performance, please come along
​ 18th ​APR 12.00-14.00

The repetition of PETER picnic -​no performance, just a picnic for anyone,​
Thursday 24th APR 18.00-

PETER by PETER -​ PETER begins, come and go as you wish stay as long as you like from Thursday until Saturday 18.00.​
Friday 25th APR at 18.00

PETER A LECTURE -​ during and within PETER a lecture on artist research, everyone is welcome.
and of course there are probably more things but who knows, everything advertised differently.
And then whilst this is happening my wonderful colleagues will also be showing there work every night23,24,25th of APR from 19.00 and all day the 26th from 14th until late for more info >>> http://mdt.me/1kca3Ln  ​
It has been an exciting journey I hope you can join PETER.
All the best PETER
*yes back with facebook, or PETER has joined the NSA’s archive.​