Child in mind, we are divine.

What I like is the majestic realism, canned with absurd constructed bullshit mixed and translated with in love and hope powerful will. Girls are alive, (all for tonight) we know the shape the form which comes forth and threads its impossible miracles, no the less there is a bless part in the heart without surety or even security, lying in plain sight. Real might may not be right but it is all ways in sight, as we say in my home town its going to happen anyway. We grow up alone confused and shelter hopefully we lack to common respect and decency of not knowing any more we know we should or should some how know yet our voices echo that of myth, at odds with the stories we tell ourselves. Manipulated a covered maybe what who isn’t, and why is the problem large when faced but the operative with our daily lives keeps a shadow on the reality that we don’t know and yet follow and reductive smoke screen. Bleeming, sketches from the fridge, the achievement of childlost adults, WE ARE NOT WRAPPED IN MISERY we are here, just not a sure and clear as we pretend to be. So these concrete walls the systems of our freedom bleek the reality that were scared alone and bound to bounce if given the chance to not have to be strong clear and here. To be distance confuse and moolandy. Chirst candy formed heart bleed sweet unadultrated turnturths. MISCAKE PARTIES FOR THE FUTURE onetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefreeonetwothreefree


* * * * * * * *
dancer Maddie Ziegler
choreographed by Ryan Heffington
directed by Sia and Daniel Askill

Thank you


This is apart of a series of Reformulation* writings of and around choreography, posting once a week starting August 2014. Kindness PETER