It hurts, as mind trys to organise the world again and again, as twinkling lulling music, pretty design and talented dancers pass, yet all is entrapped weighted pressed against forcefully pinned down.

These bodies move away in awkward positions for a video gazed eye attached to and immobilise body. More and more the necessity to move lessens, movement is a choice a activity of pleasure and health but more pleasure. What are these bodies incarcerated by luxury, modernity, possibility, potentiality, depression.

I have been painfully grasping for free time vacation convenience freedom from labour and work, but stuck in bedrooms and living rooms emblems of hassleless life, I feel sick stuck and unsure of what I want.

What is needed?

What is wanted?

Are our dreams and aspirations solutions?

Thank you:
In bedroom Malin Stattin
In livingroom Tuva Lundkvist

Directed by Erika Janunger
Scenography Erika Janunger
Photography and lightDavid Grehn
Costume Johanna Adebäck
Hair and Makeup Klara Janunger
Editing Josefine Truedsson
Postproduction Gustaf Holmsten

Music/ Lyrics-
and Vocals Erika Janunger
Percussion Pontus Langendorf
Keyharp Erik Rydvall
Saxophones Nis Bäckvall
Produced by Henrik Svensson



This is apart of a series of Reformulation* writings of and around choreography, posting once a week starting August 2014. Kindness PETER