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I believe today we are temporarily preexsposed to the conditions of animate, so and and again lesser to animation.

performances for animals and videos for?

The audience is dead long live the undying.

A friend tells me I don’t want to do performance for the public any more. I agreed. But what does that mean.?

The choreography uses representation but does the representation function for the performances to create pleasing behavior for the cat/animal or in fact does the representation function for the cats as representative.
I was once told art is always representation.
And my question to the notion has been then what is everything else?!

ever so qualitative.

Is concern and care the mark of a hand like human? or just an instrument in a scene change

how exciting my reaction to the reaction of the animal, i cant help feel like im being told to spectat the spectator. to spectat myself?

What is the plurality of the title performances, are there more than one and there many a art object a representation. Is it possible for multiple as the conduct and codes of human speculation and not the same as animals. leaving the performance unable to be framed, apart from the saddening i feel with two giggles and the video ending.


I would like to place this pleasant friend Absurdity along side work, job, profession etc.
Work seams to act like a justifier of function. My work is my function. In life society the general progression of human history. each day and job is a little part of this greater than oneself’s value.
But this does leave the unemployed and the constant legitimatizing and conservation of certain jobs/work and work in general. Sadly linking work to ones personal worth and importance. And causing illegitimate, unnecessary and harmful activities to be enforce encouraged in the name of ones own worth and importance.
It is ever so more obvious with the increase of technology that function in the terms of paid labor is replaces by cost effective and more efficient methods needing less person power.
And with which i would not try and save the dying jobs of the future by creating more knowingly of unknowingly unnecessary/nonfunctional jobs. and begin to understand function outside of these systems or even better to value other activity than that classified as work. and in doing so value persons outside of the work ideology.
But the art worker or at least art itself which i believe does not have to lie within the realm of work (see my text on amateurism). Art provides the investigation, the understanding and space for value outside of function.

A bliss a love an encounter a message a means a future for and with absurdity.

Thank you Krõõt Juurak beautiful wonderful hopeful amazing WOW.

Thank you Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey beautiful wonderful hopeful amazing WOW.


Animal Performances (for Animals) by Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey from Krõõt JuurakKrõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey perform for a cat in Zürich, Stromereien Performance Festival.


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