A conversation caught my eye because I myself am an advocate of amateurism and against professionalism. For me the professionalisation acts as a form of domination which is unhelpful but with that being said I believe there is benefits from being experienced in a field as long as it is not dominating it.

So i decided to challenge and take on my own argument and write some reviews of the videos as a way to critically view the pieces from my perspective as a choreographer.

Reviewing the videos within a frame of reviewing, rewriting, retexting, reusing, dance videos which i have been doing every Sunday for the past few months at http://peterpeteringout.tumblr.com.

I’m writing this before starting watching or writing about the videos, and hope that the outcome gives an impression of how these videos could be seen not only as dance and choreography but as great additions to dance and choreography.

ok first video (the one is question the winner of 2014)

Plant-soil feedbacks after severe tornado damage: Dance Your PhD 2014. ~ video


When I first think of operating together in a space I believe that every little event plays a part, that we our relations values communities and actions are a composite of all that leads to that place.

Effect and effected, one of the striking things is the type of people and the presumptions I apply. o dreadlocks o on a trapeze o shes a biologist. But does this effect?! The same as; the order of things or the framing or the music?! I know I think about it but whether there is a clear effect I don’t know.

I would rather think it like every part is apart of a melting pot and as things add combine they inform and continue to inform without one thing being more or less the thing which constitutes the generalised tone or feeling but that the generalised tone or feeling is not one thing but many. many simple things, basic things.

undo redo reorder

Like a list with all their associations and combinations a seaming complex general feeling from a multiple of basic components.

Brown – royal snake la, shake – make distill cake, life – real can feel gives kiss, reflects – tech, moves – choice do’s and does, shifts – lives again rain, feels – peel, change – chance happenhance, chance – relative mass, undo redo reorder – renew true accord, thrive – ties my eyes, breath – fears, feel – be real, together – never and forever, importance – question.

Mine and find lives parts happy and as part.


Plant-soil feedbacks after severe tornado damage: Dance Your PhD 2014 from atinytornado on Vimeo.

So back, that was interesting perhaps because i have put this within this context i describe more and tried to make sense. I will do another, winner of the audience choice.

Multiple Robots – Dancing Tango ~ video


Collide Collide Collide Collide

come together

What are we without mistakes.

tango music hits bangs bumps and meets me.

desperation rides through me like an unstoppable urge for action.

I feel the absence the loneliness of never meeting never understand
or those near misses the close encounters the brushes with touch combination and becoming one, the glides of 1 in the binary series of on off on off 1 0 1 0 1 0

0 holds on maintain and gains as the hope the promise of 1 alludes the most romantic of individuals.



Multiple Robots – Dancing Tango from Venanzio Cichella on Vimeo.

I really enjoyed that one.

ok one last video. It is where “dance your phd” started when some students asked there teacher if they could make a dance about Protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis: an epic on the cellular level ~ video


Form and value disrupts and narrates, the shifting in value attention and play does not provide another over lord. nah places use inbetween within places unseen. ghostly apparitions and miracle begin. Mine is a third not of this erk part in part formed and important but less of both and both of each with space inbetween. To arise and fall to follow and prey. faith in faithless causes bring forth a story unsordid to be experienced a felt and left if with unhelpful. Mind in adventure a heavenly plodding and time in play. messy give mind and fine and find holding tight around guess at unknown bounds.

bliss with a kiss.

woo woo woo peptide bond.

clipping clipping clipping inside

Released in its glee.

I have to say i advocate “dance your PhD” because i truly believe dance and choreography have so so so much to offer, to everyone. It inspires me to see such inventive and exciting information put in these eloquent gestures majestic, exciting, adventurous and promising ways. Promising of a place where hierarchy and power is not used for domination but for adventure, love, compassion and everyone.  


This is apart of a series of Reformulation* writings of and around choreography, posting once a week ever sSunday If you have comments you can leave then on my facebookwww.facebook.com/thepersoncalledpeter or my wordpress stillpeter.wordpress.com . Kindness and Sweetness PETER