Revolving (reevolving). YOUARE IN THIS WITH NO POSSIBLITY OF ECSAPE. Dead end or place of all. flicker skip jolt stutter blurred mingle cringe reemed roar raw reawe. Around all sound, no noise, This is a dependency. These faces partake watch on, bare witness see seen in curiosity dark marks leave title room for hopeful perverted interpretations, yet in the night the majestic happenings and movements the awe of this part in this place next to this abyss of awe for all. No know known knowledge parted impart like our whole inverted function Mine in my mind leaps in flinch moves in me no problem open in resources free for all in place of this case squirmed redeem nonsense reduced here welcoming homely comfort A REAL UTOPIA a pre-post-capitalist dream.

Under stones, behind walls, within the cracks, hidden by shadows lies the promise which exists in plane sight. A call for value redistribution.





Luxuriant: Within The Reign of Anticipation


Simon Vincenzi
Troupe Mabuse

LUXURIANT has been presented in 2010 at Istituto Svizzero di Roma and Crisalide Festival, Italy.

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