Den Kosmiska Havsträdgårds passagen


Den Kosmiska Havsträdgårdspassagen, (2-18 months) 19/1, kl. 09.30 upplands-bro info
, 2018. Dansstationen Malmö, Hässelholm, Åstorp, Trelleborg, Lund, Tomelilla, Bromölla, Wånas, Vittsjö, Örkelljunga(SE) 2017. Valfisken, Simrishamn(SE) 2016
Kosmiska Åstorp 2

Den Kosmiska Havsträdgårdspassagen is an interactive, choreographed installation for the very young (2-18 months). The performance leads the audience through constantly shifting and contrasting visual, tactile and auditory stimuli. Themed as an exploration of the unknown wonders of the underwater, cosmic, and botanical realms of nature we offer the audience a calm and safe space as they journey through the installation. While the performers welcome the young audience to the space initially, the performance is ultimately shaped by the interests of the audience. The baby’s freedom to move, observe, and interact with the installation and dancers, shapes the performance.


Choreography and Sound: Peter Mills
Dance and Light: Peter Mills and Rachel Tess
Scenography: Marta Cicionesi
Production: MARC, Riskteatern, Simrishamns kommun and Albin Hillervik

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Performance, Collaboration and other Experience in Choreography: