PETER, make a flag flag



Photo by Kajsa Rolfsson

Filmed by Marie Topp

For Upplysa, PETER has created Make a Flag, extending the invitation MARC gave him to you, the viewer. For this, PETER is both a maker and a messenger, participating in a conceptual relay about the symbols we subscribe to. No one image stands for all, reinforcing the capacity of the individual to enact change “from below,” underscoring the critical function of speech acts, loud and soft.

Peter Mills (PETER) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. PETER is a choreographer and dancer, as well as a self-described “annoyance” and “challenge”, amongst other (pre)occupations. PETER has been associated with MARC since the center’s founding; they created Den kosmiska havsträdgårdspassagen, a performance for babies aged 2-18 months, with artistic director Rachel Tess.

As apart of MARC’s Upplysa Project.
MARC’s commitment to experimentation and solidarity manifests in Upplysa (Illuminate), a collection of interventions and actions in the liminal space where the old shoe factory begins and ends. Upplysa includes the enlivening of the three flagpoles flanking the entrance to the factory. Artists are invited to compose flags of their own, which fly for the town to see, becoming an invitation for neighbors and passersby.

The seventh round of flags, dedicated to artists working with ‘texts and tasks’, are designed by Peter Mills (UK/SE), the family Givell-Millqvist (SE), and Driton Selmani (XK).