on Moving Through Stillness

Moving through stillness is performed at Sweden’s national museum, Sweden’s Museum of Art and Design. It is a special building, not the kind of place I find myself, it is different from Moderna, but still has an air of excitement and awe, but here is also grandeur or “elegance”. “Elegance”, effortlessly self confident and assured culturally.

The performance starts in an enclosed inner sculpture garden, courtyard, full of bright white statues of white from what I can tell of white people. In the center is a large black urn or vase.

Luusi performs, dances, presents herself moving within this space, this culture. Her movement is intricate starting and including the fingers and toes moving the whole body, head to soul. She is carving out space in between the sculptures, in the large cavernous space, place.

As if to ask, how can her culture exist here? Among, within, this colonialist history and culture of “elegance”. How can her elegance exist?

It is a courageous, beautiful, warming, fantastic, and amazing antagonism.

Her confidence, surety, belief, faith, dance, with great clarity and ease strikes straight to the heart of what it means to exist.

Her dance expels any notion of established “elegance” for and moves’ itself elegant and true. Speaking to power and speaking to the power of herself.

Thank you Luusi

Solo Danceperformance – Moving Through Stillness choreographed by Luusi Kateme


Text by PETER

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