PETER 1987-2017

PETER, (1987-2017) MDT (SE)

PETER 1987-2017
Is this it. 30 years. The stage. Are they curtains. Is that a body. Am I ok here. Is this a swan song. Or just another song. Who’s body is this. Are we all merely actors. Is it culturally appropriate. What is a body, a lip, a shape, a theater, a life, a dress, a bodies, a cell, an arm, a dress, a head, a lip, a safe zone, a difference, a PETER, a power cut. Drawn closer we inspect the horizon. As the culture flickers and falters, emerges a gap of possibility, an order of doubt a source for an ethical life. PETER, 1987, is this it, uncanny these bodies speak.

In this performance PETER uses the theater, culture and society as material in a guided performance and choreography. Woven with formal and informal structures PETER and the audience deals with political issues intimately and collectively. Meeting the dramatic with the mundane PETER provides a ecology where sickness and health, civility and savagery, simplicity and sophistication emerge as equals, in here.

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Photography credits: Eero Hannukainen

Choreography and Performance: Peter Mills
Light: Johan Sundén
Sound: Emin Durak
Mentors: Lisa Schåman, Emma Tolander, Samuel Draper
Co production: Dance4(UK), MDT(SE), XING(IT), Tour de dance(SE), Kunstvardo(NO/UK). Supported by Kulturrådet

Reviews by Anne Vigeland, Oda Brekke, Josefin Gladh, and Axel Andersson