PETER, 48 hours

PETER, MDT Stockholm, 48-hour durational performance, April 2014

PETER, 48 hours. PETER is an author, a space, a choreographer, a duration, an activity and a art object. Visit PETER as it expands not only choreography but also theatre, art and life itself. Blurring the lines between things, making new traces through and around our lives, you get to experience complete absence and total overload – all at the same time. PETER is the moment of meeting the impossibility, the implausible. This is EPIC, this is the LAST DANCE MOVEMENT and this is PETER. Some call it anarchy some call it the future.

Choreography: Peter Mills
Sound: Elize Arvefjord
Light: Johan Sundén
Dance: Lisa Schåman and Ida Sidenvall
Contributions: Carl Olof Berg, Amanda ApetreaMica Sigourney and Moritz Frischkorn
Mentors: Robin Dingemans and Camilla Damkjaer


Reflection by Anne Lise Le Gac


PETER, 20 minutes version