PETER, 6minutes

Kafe44 2017, Display:festival, Kungliga Opearn Stockholm, Sep 2015

PETER, 6 minutes, a short solo companied by a masked audience and monotone voice over.

This is no good, this will not do, we can not place importance on something which has not been experienced, even when its relevance is up for debate.

No longer do I understand this as notes for myself to remember, recollect aspects components and trajectories to perform PETER. As PETER is the very thing which attempts to define and understand PETER therefore the word PETER bests informs PETER on PETER and PETER’s limits, paths, modes, ecologies, lives, content, placement and lalala’s as PETER the word can include all variations of inclusion and exclusion which may occur whilst PETER is, will be and has been. But more over PETER provides PETER with a frame work by which to be consequence for PETER. Using the ongoing reformulating notion of PETER, PETER can break, challenge and destroy all illegitimate hierarchies of PETER. Removing anything which represses, exploits or excludes. In other words to create PETER as a process, practice, engagement, expression and understanding which is safe, caring, loving, nice, motivating, enjoyable, expressive, flexible and fun.

Choreography and Performance: Peter Mills
Commissioned by: Koreografiska Konstitutet