PETER, Fuck you!, I won’t do what you tell me, Kunst Vardo, RAM Galleri, Oslo(NO) 2016 Book 2017
I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME, photography Eirik Slyngstad (47).JPG

PETER, Fuck you ​Within our new community PETER continued an interest in the mirco-politics of the self, through a series of interventions, actions, and repetitions. Interventions, breaks, and repetitions; a politics of interruption to advocate for care, calmness, security, freedom, and fun. In this capitalist era, when best intentions are undermined by ones own self preservation, one must criticise the very foundations of the self. Reducing and destroying PETER, PETER invited an infinitely demanding ethics, where nothing can be done in the same way as it was done before.

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Choreography and Text: Peter Mills
Commissioned by Kunst Vardo