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PETER, the plague

PETER, (the plague), norbergfestival (SE) July 2018

PETER, (the plague) is a dance, an anarchy, a bodies, a work, a person, a brand, a match, a fiend, a friend, a performance, an art, a ist, a complex arrangement of movements, a choreography, a choreographer, a biography, a list, a history, a contagion, a memory, a thought, a lifestyle, a choice, a miracle, a child, a verse, a sickness, an announcement, an archive, a protest, alive, another, a promise, practice, problem, performance, place, position, parameter, prediction, pest, pretense, plan, pipe, pop, pfff…

PETER, the plague, attends to your attention, as forced contagions, an artistic material besieges your minds self processing construction of you. Form shifts in a relentlessly expansive bewildering stream of consciousness. As the dancing body attempts to exist in its unbelievable complexifying rhizome, for a infinitely demanding ethics of the intersubjective self.

Choreography and Performance: Peter Mills
Supported by Kulturrådet and koreografiska konstitutet