PETER is an extensive body of work using the self as axis to create. Turning the production of self into choreography. Using activity as a critical point of departure to disuse social, political, philosophical and artistic phenomena.

Here the artistic work will be demonstrated through these examples.

PETER, in body double
PETER, at Bodies of Evidence, Uniarts(Jan,2016)
PETER, bear SUNDAY RUN_UP (ccap) (Oct, 2015)
PETER, 6 minutes, Festivaldisplay. (Sep, 2015)
PETER, 1 month and 48 hours, Reflective Nebula Wånas and MARC. (2015)
PETER, 48 hours, MDT. (2014)
PETER, 20 minutes, DOCH. (2013)

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PETER, in, Body Double, Salt Istanbul (2016)

to come.

PETER, at Bodies of Evidence, Uniarts(Jan,2016)

PETER by Peter, deals with identity as a social-political space where knowledge, histories and values converge. Movement, placement and activities are negotiated as expressions of identity, amongst a community of always others. Through inclusiveness, active listening and consequent critical dreaming Peter produces a movement, a dance, with and within the context of the conference. Concretely negotiating bordering processes through Peter’s personal investigation, the work with Bodies of Evidence and No Borders Stockholm. Ethically demanding and radically hopeful.

PETER, bearly there, SUNDAY RUN_UP (ccap) (Oct, 2015)


PETER, 6 minutes, Festivaldisplay. (Sep, 2015)

This is no good, this will not do, we can not place importance on something which has not been experienced.
No longer do I understand this as notes for myself to remember, recollect aspects components and trajectories to perform PETER. As PETER is the very thing which attempts to define and understand PETER therefore the word PETER best informs PETER on PETER and PETER’s limits, paths, modes, ecologies, lives, content, placement and lalala’s as PETER the word can include all variations of inclusion and exclusion which may occur whilst PETER is, will be and has been. But more over PETER provides PETER with a framework by which to be consequence for PETER. Using the ongoing reformulating notion of PETER, PETER can break, challenge and
destroy all illegitimate hierarchies of PETER. Removing anything which represses, exploits or excludes. In other words to create PETER as a process, practice, engagement, expression and understanding which is safe, caring, loving, nice, motivating, enjoyable, expressive, flexible and fun.

PETER är google översatt, en sfi student, en koreograf, en dans, en dansare, en person, en kropp, en gemenskap, en aktivist, en anarkist, en konstnär, konst, ett barn, en städare, en kandidat, en biografi, en lista, en titel, ett namn, ett dokument, en historia, en utmaning, en författare, en stund, en smart röv, ett irritationsmoment, en lögnare, inte peter, en paus, en annan, ett löfte, en praxis, problem, prestation, plats, position, parameter…

PETER is a choreographer, a dance maker, a dance dance dance… maker, a dance, a dancer, a person, a bodies, a community, an activist, an anarchist, an artist, art, a child, a cleaner, a candidate, a biography, a list, a ex-, a non-ex-, a title, a name, a document, a history, a challenge, an author, a moment, a smart ass, an annoyance, a liar, not peter, alive, another, a promise, practice, problem, performance, place, position, parameter, predictable, pest, pretence, plan, pipe, pop, pfff…


PETER, 1 month and 48 hours, Reflective Nebula Wånas and MARC. (2015)

Inclusion in a community shapes what one values and the choices one makes. A focus on the movements that shape these communities, micro and macro, can better inform us how and where our value is formed and shaped. “Reflective Nebula” develops our understanding of the passing of creativity within a community through choreographic workshops and events. Through encounters with specific communities within the Skåne Region, the artists harvest a plethora of materials to construct an environment where objective importance, norms, hierarchies, and intelligence are at odds with the proposed situation. Participants interact with the materials based on their fluctuating interests; their own personal “dance” that negotiates the unstable and unfamiliar terrain of a choreography that poses the questions: “What and how do we value?”, “What community am I part of”, “What community would I like to be part of?”, “What is community in an ecology of passing interest and creativity?”

PETER, 48 hours, MDT. (2014)

PETER is an author, a space, a choreographer, a duration, an activity and a art object. Visit PETER as it expands not only choreography but also theatre, art and life itself. Blurring the lines between things, making new traces through and around our lives, you get to experience complete absence and total overload – all at the same time. PETER is the moment of meeting the impossibility, the implausible. This is EPIC, this is the LAST DANCE MOVEMENT and this is PETER. Some call it anarchy some call it the future.

(Gratitude to: Elize Arvefjord for sound, Johan Sundén for lights, Lisa Schåman for dance, Ida Sidenvall for choreography, Robin Dingemans for supervision, Camilla Damkjaer for supervision.)

PETER, 20 minutes, DOCH. (2013)

PETER – 20 minutes.
Contains nuts, magic,time-travel, loud music, the observable universe, CH4, monsters, krypton, radiation, flashing lights, star trek, PETER, hyperreal, beans, colour, dead great great grandmother’s ghosts, pi, ethics, VAT, black cats, all ideologies, purgatory, oranges, fat,moomin, movement, fiction, rainbows, lies, wiki, cheats, maps, pencils, and, 5 lines, trees, ents, nightmares, dreams, reality, 3D HD graphics, homes, toreadors, roadapples, vegan unicorns, the police, ACAB, emotions, CCTV, 1 minute, sit, icebergs in water, mice, work, bones, the 80’s, coventry, camels, persons unknown, knight of pentacles, outside, 1hr, a mile, pollen, a prison and may contain everything including nothing at all.