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Blank is an exciting exploration of how simple materials and instructions can cause a complex and limitless creative play and activity, from dancing to listening.

A choreographic experience where you are invited into a negotiation of power and participation through simple and accumulative instructions.

The room and gathering act as a site for agency and potential, an infinitely demanding ethics within a temporary autonomous zone.

The name Blank is inspired by, the blank vote or spoiled ballot, which speaks to the vulnerability and agency, as the activity of voting moves from protest to direct action, where values are constituted in the negotiation of authority.


Public intervention conversation and workshop


I am creating small public interventions in the run up to the Swedish election as a part of the big artist action kvadrennalen.se. We wish to physically manifest the importance of art in the face of changing politics and culture politics.

The interventions will take place around Sweden between now and the election on the 11th of September. 

Public intervention conversation and workshop

13:00-14:30 in the office at Färgfabriken.

How is a public space formed and the activities which maintain or negate it understood and felt as such?

We start a conversation about the public spaces we know and have, the activities they support and don’t. After we start to discuss invitations to interventions we could imagine and dream of.

From my perspective as a dancer and choreographer I am interested in the ways in which a body negotiates the situations it finds itself. How simple out of place activities can shine alight of an internal conversation we have continuously with our surroundings.

If you are interested to be involved further, follow me on kvadrennalen.se and join me at the interventions. Also none of these activities belong to me so I encourage you to create your own invitations to public interventions.

If you have any questions or thoughts contact me.

Public interventions

In association with all the artists involved in Kvadrennalen.se the big art manifestation taking place all around Sweden from Jan 11- Sept 11 (election day) and Dance and art space Weld in Stockholm as we stand up for art’s role in society.

Small public interventions

The small public interventions speak to the power of participation, to the embodied experiential power of dance and art, to negotiation. Through a series of invitations we collectively investigate the subtle power of bodies acting in specific places at specific times. Creating ambiguous communities of bodies for a temporary autonomous zone which practices an infinitely demanding ethics, with the world, society and the self.

The numerous public interventions are produced in conjunction with “The small public intervention and performance workshop” and an “installational participatory performance”, where participation, authority and power are explored further.

Small public intervention conversation and workshop (from 30 to 60 minutes)

The small public intervention and performance workshop is a chance for interested persons of any age or ability to ask the question what kinds of activities they would like to do, see and experience in public spaces. 

We start a conversation about the public spaces we know and have. Then brainstorm and play with different types of activities we see and don’t see there. We then finish by creating invitations to specific small public interventions.

After the workshop we perform our interventions and invite our friends and communities.

BLANK (from 20 to 180 minutes).

The participatory performance invites the audience to engage with their democratic and participatory power through a simple gesture of giving paper and a pens.

The audience are given a pile of A4 paper and a pen and are led by me into a room, where the writing instructions to “create instructions” then on another paper “look around’, leaving the instructions around the room on the floor and surfaces. Continually creating and recreating instructions in a creative play between audience and the growing material in the space.

The participatory performance is an exciting exploration of how simple materials and instructions can cause a complex and limitless creative play and activity, from dancing to listening.