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LYN, A performance for the dead of night
RACHEL, A performance for the dead of night
GABRIELLA, A performance for the dead of night
The great beyond project,
PETER,(Bearly there) 
PETER, (Reflective Nebular) 
PETER, (48 hours)

The great beyond project

The great beyond project, with Emma Tolander, WELD (SE), Autumn 2015

The Great Beyond is a project where we search for the afterlife of the art-object. We exercise art, share the authorship unitil noone authors, but the art happens from the activity between us. The Great Beyond is not a graspable object, but an object on the side of art objects, a slippery bastard of an art object, a doing, a dancing a talking, a meditating, a knowledeging, a listening, a following, a changing. It is a shapeshifter that we call The Great Beyond University, an object which does not establish itself but allows for understanding and learning.

Artists: Emma Tolander and Peter Mills