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GABRIELLA, a performance for the dead of night.

GABRIELLA, A performance for the dead of night
, Stockholm(SE) 2015

GABRIELLA, a performance for the dead of night, is a 45minute solo performed by Gabriella Ax Tripsiani, starting at 5.30am outside Zinkensdamms T-bana. Gabriella and Peter explore being in the world when the world sleeps, through walking, exploring, moving, touching, listening, meditating, embodying and existing.

During the solo performance you are guided and walk in silence through the streets. Stopping to spend time with and encounter the city at night through a short performance in the dark.

In 2016 we will to have a performance every month, check here and facebook for information.

Peter Mills, artist PETER is exploring how we exist in the world, using reformulation Peter devises alternative form through which to understand the body’s, a person’s activities and place in the world. Peter met Gabriella Ax Tripsiani first when they were performing a energetic, fierce, momentous performances within the fabulous Francine Agbodjalou’s “the foxy dance dance” show, then again when the pair danced in Paloma Madrid initiated collective performance which rattled the establishment at Doch university. Gabriella and Peter next met at Stockholms’ Anarchist book fair when they started to engage in conversations about creation, performance and anti-capitalist solidarity. This project now has allow them to further this conversation and make actual some of the ground they wish to venture together. Both are excited to share and give the gift of this experience they explore.

GABRIELLA, a performance for the dead of night is the first in part in a series of solos. Gabriella Ax Tripsiani, Rachel Tess, Lyn Bentschik, and PETER are all apart of the series of solos for the dead of night, exploring existence in different places and parts of the city. We hope you can attend and follow our journeys.

The project is nonfunded and has no production house, an Indy project made for and by artists. We only perform when we have a large enough group to join and we ask for donations to support the project, process and artists.

Performance/choreography: Gabriella Ax Tripsiani
Concept: Peter Mills